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What Industry Says About Sanaya

What Industry Says About Sanaya
Sanaya Irani, the girl who made her way to the top peek of Television Industry, and currently known as the queen of Indian Television, is not only a great actress, but an awesome human being as well. Every single person, who has ever seen her, finds himself to resist her charm. But the best thing about her, which has been praised by so many veteran actors as well, is her friendly and modest behavior. Here, are the excerpts of the conversations, where various Industry leaders have shared there views on Sanaya from time to time.
1. Farhan Khan :She is a very happy go lucky kind of a girl who is very co-operative and never ever throws any tantrum on the sets. It's indeed a wonderful experience working with her.

2. Charu Asopa: it is so much fun shooting with Sanaya

3. Angad Hasija :I would love to work with her. I consider her to be the most beautiful female actor on television.

4. Nakul Mehta: Sanaya is one of the best on TV and would love to work with her.

5. Kritika Kamra : Sanaya Has Pretty Nice Body

6. Supriya Pathak:"I like working with Sanaya, although we haven't had too many scenes together yet.

7. Krystle Dsouza :sanaya is so beautiful and has perfect size of body

8. Nia Sharma : I envy sanaya body and very good actress

9. Aishwariya Sakhuja: Sanaya is a great actor.

10. Dheeraj Miglani: sanaya is very sweet,

11. Deepak pareek :She is very professional and hard working. Even being such a big star of the industry, she always shows keen interest to learn. Working with her, is a treat. As she is so calm minded and never throws tantrum on the sets.

12. Abha Parmar: In fact if there was a point where I wasn't well, I have some infection . sanaya was giving her shots and once and done she would immediately come and check upon me. She gave me medicine, water and looked after me just like she would be looking after her mother.

13. Pyumori : I loved all the scenes that I shoot with Sanaya aka Khushi .

14. Adhvik Mahajan: I like Sanaya, I find her a complete package which includes good looks, acting skills and she is an entertainer.

15. Madhura Naik : I really had a lot fun with sanaya. I was also her favorite person on the set.

16. Viraf Patel: sanaya has the most beautiful eyes and she's such a beautiful co actor to work with and is so easy and comforting.

17. Gautam Hedge :sanaya is his favorite actress

18. Lalit Mohan : Sanaya is one the best actress we have industry very intelligent actress , very professional and dedicated.

19. Hrishikesh Gandhi : sanaya has very good photogenic face.

20. Vishal Singh : He was asked by a girl in the audience who he thought was beautiful, and he said Khushi aka sanaya . He said he really likes her, she is very bubbly and cute.:

21. Kinshuk Mahajan :Sanaya is very bubbly and lively kind of a person

22. Shakti Mohan : Sanaya is really beautiful and very pretty in zing magazine cover.

23. Mrunal Thakur: Sanaya is looking stunning and her smile is, as usual, amazing. She is looking beautiful in zing magazine cover.

24. Karan V Grover : nice experience with shooting with sanaya.

25. Vipul Shah : she is good-looking, bubbly, charming and "fits the role completely".

26. Akhay Dogra : sanaya is a very good actress and very nice human being.

27. Shaheer Sheik : honor and pleasure to dance with Sanaya ITA award

28. Abhaas Mehta: sanaya is my favorite co actor onscreen till the date and good friend.

29 .Daljeet Kaur :The things I like the most about sanaya are the facts that she is very light-hear ted and doesn't believe in taking things too seriously in life, not even her fame. and also she is dear friend of mine .

30. Pooja Pihal: sanaya is such a beautiful girl .

31. Ram Kapoor and Gautami Kapoor : we just love her and we all love her.

32. Mohit Sehgal : Sanaya best actress 2012

33. Mohamed Nazim: Sanaya very good looking

34. Ragni Khanna: sanaya very gd actresss , gd freind of mine also the reason made watch IPKKND

35. Deepali Pansare : sanaya is the only good friend of mine TV industry,

36. Arjun Bijlani: sanaya is top of my list friends.

37. Mohit Sehgal movie co actor: Sanaya very beautiful and also my loves watching her show.

38. Drashti Dhami : said her opinion along with Kritka and Sanaya most stylish icon TV.

39. Raj Bandhan: I must say Sanaya when I interviewed u every time I interview you,  I love your interview skills.

40. Barun sobti:- ''sanaya is very lively,she is a very good friend of mine'':- ''she is a wonderful person that is why I can say."
:- ''its very easy to be friend with Sanaya."

41. Rashmi Desai : Sanaya is cute, sweet,bubbly and sexy.

42. Anuj Sachdeva: "My experience with Sanaya is very good. She is a fabulous person." "She has really helped me a lot while shooting for the show. While doing a romantic scene where I need to hold her and look into her eyes, if I get nervous, she would say, 'It's okay. Don't be nervous'. So she is very co-operative and helpful. She is also very bold in that sense."

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