Friday, 15 March 2013

Mohit & Sanaya, The Perfect Example of Opposite Attracts

Mohit & Sanaya, The Perfect Example of Opposite Attracts
Opposite attracts, this old saying fits the situation perfectly when it comes to Mohit & Sanaya. Mohit Sehgal, shy, sensible and introvert, on the other hand, Sanaya Irani, beautiful, bubbly and full of life. When it comes to nature, they are poles apart. Still these two make one of the most celebrated real-life Jodi of Indian Television.

The glamorous, page 3 world where real emotions, true love gets buried deep down beneath the layers of make-up, these two are celebrating their fifth successful year of  their relationship.

Who proposed whom?

Mohit proposed Sanaya during MJHT, but she took a couple of month’s time before she said yes.
As Sanaya said she was not sure about her feelings if it was a mere attraction because of working together. So she took her time before getting into this. But later, she agreed. And by then, they both are together.
When asked about the marriage, both says that they have no plans yet, because they both want to focus on their careers.
Well, for now, we have best wishes for these two love birds and hope to see them together very soon. If you like the article, help us spreading it by sharing with others.

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