Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sanaya Irani is Nominated For The Best Actress Female in 12th ITA

Sanaya Irani is Nominated For The Best Actress Female in 12th ITA
Was there ever any doubt that Sanaya is the most popular female actor on the screen? She has phenomenal acting power, she the looks of a goddess, she has the personality of sunshine... She is indeed the most versatile actress of the current breed on TV and if We may dare say even Bollywood.

Please Guys !! Time to pull up our socks .... Really There are just FEW days left, 2nd of may ll be LAST day for voting.... We really Gotta Do this This Time

Make ID's of your own... Or use Your Friends ID's But PLEASE Vote for her.....
Sanaya Irani has done absolute justice to all the characters she has played on screen, be it the bubbly Khushi Kumari Gupta or the matured Gunjan, Sanaya Irani has convincingly and swimmingly enacted her role perfectly.

She Really deserve To WIN..... "The BEST ACTRESS AWARD"
If you think the same, VOTE for her :)

Today, Last & final day for voting.... 

How to vote for 12th Indian Telly Awards 2013

1. Click this link, it will take you to the website of Indian Telly Awards.

2. There you will find a form to fill up. Fill up your details in the form and click submit.

3. You will receive a verification email.

4. Go to your inbox and click the verification link.

5. Once verified, you will be taken to the page where you will find all the nominations for various categories.

6. Scroll down to the best actress category and click the radio button in front of the name "Sanaya Irani", in the best actress category.

7. Click the "submit your vote button".

8. That's it. You have just made your contribution to make Sanaya win the award that she really deserves.

Now, you can log out and tell your friends and other Sanayaians to Sign up and vote for her.
Thank you so much!

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