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Chhan Chhan Episode 43, June 5th, 2013

Chhan Chhan 5th June 2013 Written Episode 

Chhan Chhan Episode 43, June 5th, 2013
The Episode starts with everyone thinking about Manav. Babuji says he have to get Manav married, he asks everyone to find about him. Umaben thinks he has to say for marriage now. Thakkar bhai come to their house, and they welcome him. He says Umaben called him, Babuji asks think who called you. Chhan Chhan comes there with Manav and that guy, she says she called him. Everyone gets shocked to see them. Babuji asks Manav what that guy is doing here. Manthan says Manav what are you doing with Chhan Chhan. 

Chhan Chhan says she has the answers. Babuji says we need to talk to Manav, he asks about the guy. Manav says the photos which you saw were fake. He says we doubted on it, but we did not tell anyone. And they decided to pretend that they are breaking the marriage to find out about the one who does not want them to get married. Chhan Chhan and Manav tell everything to them by a narration. Umaben gets tensed. Manav says this was a plan to make us apart. Babuji asks why he did this. The guy says I was paid by someone. Babuji asks who gave you money, answer. The guy says Thakkar Bhai. Umaben scolds Thakkar Bhai. 

Babuji is angry on him. Thakkar bhai takes Umaben’s name, and she shouts don’t take my name. Everyone is shocked. Umaben starts acting. She makes a good story soon. Umaben says few days back, Thakkar bhai came to her taking his daughter’s proposal for Manav, and he wanted his daughter to become their bahu. Umaben came to know that Manav loves Chhan Chhan, so she said no to him, and he said ill to her, but she has forgiven him. Thakkar bhai is about to say and Umaben stops him from saying a word. Umaben asks him to keep quiet and leave from her house. Thakkar bhai leaves. 

Chhan Chhan says she should go now, Umaben stops her and asks her to forgive her, she says there is no one’s mistake, and they are guilty. Chhan Chhan asks her not to apologize. Manav says you did try to save the relation. Babuji says Uma trusted Chhan Chhan and even he trusted her. Chhan Chhan says she decided to bring the truth into light.
Babuji says we should go and meet Chhan Chhan’s family. Umaben says yes, but I m ashamed, how will I face them. Babuji says ok, I will go and meet them. Everyone is happy. 

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s family: 

Manav’s dad comes to them and apologizes. They all understand and say anyone would do the same like you did. Babuji asks them to start preparing for the marriage. Dadi says she will do it well. Babuji says we will accept her in any way. He says we will leave now, as they too have to do the preparations. Manav sees Chhan Chhan, and smile.
They leave and everyone rejoice with Chhan Chhan, they sing and dance. 

Karthik asks Maithili not to worry and they will do their best in Chhan Chhan’s marriage. Chhan Chhan comes and tells them not to waste money. Maithili says she knows that. They decide to do the marriage simple. Karthik says they will do eco friendly wedding. Rugved comes and says it’s his duty to plan his sister’s wedding, he shows them the cards, Chhan Chhan and everyone are happy to see the card. Dadi likes it but she says we have to take care of everything. They all are happy. 

The next morning, Umaben is talking to Thakkar bhai. He says he did not take her name, so that his daughter’s fate should not become bad. Umaben says the marriage will happen, but they won’t be together. Umaben plans to break their marriage in one month time. She tells him that your daughter will become my bahu. He asks why Manav will leave her. She says my son listens to me. 

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house: 

The haldi ceremony is going in and everyone is applying haldi to Manav. He asks why we apply haldi, Kaumudi says so that he looks handsome. Maansi says Chhan Chhan is beautiful. Everyone agree. Ranjana says her husband was not looking better than her. They are waiting for Umaben. She comes and tells the rasam will not be over without me. Kaumudi says the marriage is tomorrow. Umaben says the real haldi will be applied to you after a month, when she will keep Chhan Chhan out of the house and let him marry Sonali. 

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