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Chhan Chhan Episode 52, June 20th, 2013

Chhan Chhan 20th June 2013 Written Episode

Chhan Chhan Episode 52, June 20th, 2013
The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan getting the call from Manav. Umaben thinks Manav calls her often; he is totally in love with Chhan Chhan. Umaben checks the rotlas. Manek says this rotlas are so good. Chhan Chhan gives some suggestion to Umaben. Manek is impressed; he says you know what’s good and what’s bad for this house. He says he will take the rotlas and give somewhere. Umaben asks how you prepared it so soon. Ranjana says about the roti maker. Chhan Chhan shows the roti maker to Umaben. Chhan Chhan is shocked as Umaben came to know about her readymade sareee. Umaben thinks she will not let her work in her house.

Umaben is talking to some women and they praise her. She calls everyone and invite for Chhan Chhan’s muh dikhai rasam. Umaben says now it will be fun, let’s see.
Chhan Chhan is in her room talking to herself. She gets Manav’s call. She says sorry, she was busy in kitchen. He asks what, it was your first day. She tells him everything. She asks him to come back soon as she is missing him a lot. He asks her to tell him something. She becomes shy and someone comes. She cuts the call. Umaben comes to her.

She says I came to give you this saree. Umaben says my friends wanted to meet you today, so we kept your mu dikhai rasam today. Umaben asks her to wear this saree and come in front of them. Chhan Chhan says it’s very beautiful. Umaben says I know you don’t have the habit of wearing saree, but what to do. It’s a ritual. Umaben pretends in front of her as if she is innocent. Chhan Chhan thinks how she will manage such a heavy saree and the ghunghat. Chhan Chhan gets tensed.

Chhan Chhan tries to wear the saree. She is unable to wear it right and she talks to Manav’s photo. She says I would be confident if you were here, I miss you so much.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:
Karthik is angry that Chhan Chhan called roti makers. Karthik is worried about Chhan Chhan. Maithili says Chhan Chhan would call me if anything was wrong. Simple says Chhan Chhan was looking happy. Karthik overreacts and Maithili stops him saying now she is Umaben’s bahu. Dadi says Chhan Chhan is doing what we did in this house. Karthik says no one understands me.

Karthik calls Chhan Chhan, she talks to him. He asks her how is she, she says I m fine. He asks about her breakfast and lunch, he asks her what she made in lunch. Chhan Chhan says my saas is very good; she is keeping me like her daughter. Chhan Chhan says if you worry about me a lot, then I will worry. Chhan Chhan says she is busy as there are many rituals. Chhan Chhan thinks if I have learnt how to wear saree from Dadi, then I would have... She gets an idea. She surfs the net how to wear an indian saree.

Everyone is waiting for Chhan Chhan. Umaben is happy that Chhan Chhan will look awful in front of them. She praises Chhan Chhan, saying she is beautiful. Umaben asks Sanjana to bring Chhan Chhan. Umaben thinks how Chhan Chhan will look.

Sanjana takes Chhan Chhan downstairs. Chhan Chhan is so uncomfortable in the saree that she can't even walk properly. Umaban has a smirk on her face. The ladies of Mahila Mandal taunts Chhan Chhan but Umaben supports her. Umaben asks Chhan Chhan to go and touch the feet of the ladies. As soon as   
Chhan Chhan moves forward to touch their feet, the plaids of her saree tangles around her toe and she falls down on one of the ladies. She scolds Chhan Chhan as Chhan Chhan spoiled her saree...

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