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Rangrasiya Episode - 30, February 7th, 2014

Rangrasiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode
Rangrasiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Paro and Rudra arrives to a place and enters a small and dingy room. Paro struggles to take off her helmet but finds her unable to do so. Rudra helps her out removing it. He says that it is a mess of some BSD officers. Paro goes to drink some water and but Rudra forbids her to do so. He sips it first. He says that everything must be checked properly before giving it to her. Paro asks him why he is so concerned about a suspect. Rudra tells her not to trying being smart. Aman arrives there with Paro’s luggage and says that he had recovered it from the left overs of the Barat’s mess. He tells Paro that Rudra had asked him to fetch some clothes for her. Paro looks on. Aman and Rudra comes out of the room. Aman tells Rudra that BSD is setting up an enquiry on the barat’s encounter. He asks Rudra what he thinks Paro would do if she is asked to be a witness. Rudra says that she will burst out like crackers. Aman says that is not good for Rudra. He asks Rudra why he took Paro out of the haweli. Rudra says that they thought that she is my fiancĂ©e. Aman asks why they thought so. Rudra says because his father said this to them and his aunt didn’t allow Paro to live in the same room with Rudra. He asks Aman not to bother about the matter. Aman apologizes and leaves.

In the haweli, Mohini taunts Ranawat saying, “Earlier you took your son out of here because of your wife and now he will take you out for his women.” She asks Maithali to bring knife and cuts the rope. Chacha condemns her and says that Rudra left the house because of her. She says that she has no affection for Rudra. She taunts him and says, “I have built this haweli and whatever little respect you get from your kids is because of this haweli.” He says that she has always taught her children wrong things and the day will come when her kids won’t listen to her, they will leave her. He further says to his wife, “You will have to face your bad karma because as you sow, so shall you reap.”
Scene 2
Sumer is looking for the papers of the haweli in Rudra’s room but he doesn’t get them there. He calls someone and says that the papers are registered on Tau’s (Ranawat) name but you said that it can be changed if you could get to the original papers. Suddenly, Mohini enters the room and asks Sumer what he is doing and to who he is talking. Sumer lies to her and says that he has lost a receipt and so he is looking for it there. He says that he is talking to his friends. When Mohini enquires further he hesitates and leaves. Mohini suspects that Sumer is lying and trying to hide something.
On the other hand, Chacha is persuading Ranawat not to leave the haweli. Ranawat says that Rudra had fetched him with him and now he is taking him back like luggage. He says that besides that nobody wants him to see in the house. He says that neither Mohini nor his children want to see him in the house. Maithili comes there with some desert and offers it to Ranawat. She says that she has been living in the haweli for five years but she has never seen her father-in-law as happy as he seems after his arrival. She gives the sweet to Ranawat and leaves. Ranawat offers some of the desert to his younger brother.

Scene 3
At night, Rudra comes back home and sees Paro sleeping on the floor, put pressure at her holding leg with her hand. He lifts up Paro in his arms and lays her off on the bed. He very delicately and hesitatingly opens duppatta draped on her leg and plays hot water beg beneath her feet, he looks at her and places blanket on her, Paro is sleeping peacefully while Rudra keeps looking at her with intense eyes.

Scene 4
In the morning, Paro wakes up and finds herself covered under a blanket. Her foot is no longer aching. She sees the bag of hot water and gets surprised.

Scene 5
In the market, Thakur’s men are enquiring about Paro. They are showing a picture of Paro to the passersby and asks if anyone has seen a girl in bridal costume. Rudra is also present there. He overhears them and dashes back to the room. Arriving on the haweli he asks Paro to do her packing as they are leaving the place then and then. He says that it is no longer safe to be there. They hear a knocking at the door when they are about to leave. Rudra picks out his gun. He shields Paro behind him and aims the gun at the door. Paro is upset and frightened to see all this.

PRECAP- In the haweli, plate falls from Maithali’s hands as she sees Rudra coming back. Everyone is stunned and looks on. Rudra comes in and Paro is standing at the gate with Chacha holding her luggage.

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