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Rangrasiya Episode - 106, May 26th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 106, May 26th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 106, May 26th, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra ask what she is blabbering, Paro says nothing, they holds dupatta, Paro ask him to come close, they fold dupatta, Rudra comes to her, Paro says now go away, he goes, Paro ask him to come close again, he fold dupatta and comes close, he holds her hand, Paro looks at him, he says I have to go away again? she says you have to, Rudra goes and then again come close folding it, he holds her hand again and says till when you will keep asking me to go away, she says one last time, he goes and comes close, Paro frees her hand and turns to go, she slips and Rudra falls to save her, color falls on Rudra and Paro falls on him, Paro looks at him (Rangrez song plays). Paro gets up and ask are you fine, he nods and start laughing, he laughs heartily, Paro also joins him, all comes in hall to see Rudra laughing for 1st time, Sunehri says Bhai you laughing, Mohini says god what I have to see now, Sunehri ask Paro to go and hide his color else this color will not go off from him. Rudra leaves, Dilsher says I saw him laughing 15 years back, I thought he forgot how to laugh… he says how will I pay this debt to you, he leaves, Paro smiles.

Scene 2
Samrat comes and lifts Maithili, he says I am so happy, I got a big order for my new work, she says masa gave you money? He says no Tausa gives me, I couldn’t tell you as he asked me not to, Maithili says no need to sorry, I am so happy for you, and he says I will bring sweets and goes.

Rudra is sitting, Paro comes with water and Rudra to close his eyes, she puts water on his face to wipe off color, she gently moves her hand on his face, Rudra feels it, Paro wipes his hairs, she wipes color from his neck and comes very close in process, Rudra opens his eyes and sees her, they recalls their moments in Jaipur, Rangrasiya rang gai tere rang main plays…. Paro feels shy as he keep looking at her, she looks down, Rudra get aware of his staring and lowers his eyes, Paro says were you saying something, what you wanted to give to me? Rudra takes out her earring and gives it to her, Paro recalls she wore it in Jaipur, Rudra comes close and takes off earring from her ear, he makes her wear earring which he had hidden, he says you lost in Jaipur, he maintains distance, Paro says you took care of it till now. Rudra leaves, Paro touches earring in ear and smiles.

Scene 3
Laila is drinking wine at Sumer’s place, Sumer looks at her and smiles, she says what happened, he goes and puts on music, tune mari entryian plays, they both dance crazily. they sit and laughs, Laila says sit properly, Sumer says I am missing home, I want to go right now to my masa but how to go, she says I have one way, he says tell, she says marry me, he is stunned.

Paro ask Rudra to give her earring back, Rudra says I gave you, Paro says not that one, the one which you took out before making wear this old one. Rudra thinks, Maithili comes and sees them talking, she says I will come later but Rudra stops her.

Laila says think I your wife and Mohini my mother in law, we will live in haveli where my... Sumer starts laughing and says marriage, me and with you. She says why you can’t marry me? she holds his collar and says how you can marry as I am loneliness, queen of jungle, I talk and you want a simple girl, how you thought Rudra that you would spend 8 years with me without any commitment, Sumer says Rudra, how Rudra came here, I am Sumer, Laila says I know, I was joking but you yourself a joke, you don’t even go to washroom without asking your mother, he says enough, she says you think that your masa loves you a lot but she didn’t take a minute to throw you out of house, he pushes Laila, Laila slaps him and dares to not touch her, she leaves, Sumer is tensed.

Scene 4
Maithili comes in and says to Paro that you have to go to market to buy pumpkin, Paro says but it is in the kitchen, Maithili says no and take rickshaw from near, don’t get lost in market, Paro says why will I, Rudra says I will bring it, Maithili says okay Paro go with him, Paro says he will bring, Maithili says all work is finished so you have to go with him, I mean Rudra doesn’t about veggies so you go, Rudra says I will take out jeep, you come outside, he leaves. Maithili hits Paro and says I was making you go out with him but you are a pumpkin and for god sake don’t come back after just buying pumpkin, Paro says what should I wear, Rudra calls out Paro, she says coming.

Scene 5
Samrat brings sweets and gifts, Mohini as usual taunts him, Sunehri takes gift from him, Mohini says there is no birthday then why gifts, she says are you making me grandmother, he says no, I got success in my new business and gifts her, she says what business, Danveer says I am proud of you Samrat, Samrat’s gifts him too, Samrat says I got big deal, our clothes will sell on every shop, Mohini ask what business, Samrat says which I talked you, Mohini says I told you that you doesn’t have brain to do business and didn’t give you money, so who invested in his idea he must be fool, Danveer says stop it, Mohini says as much as I know Maithili’s parents doesn’t have strength to give you money then who gave you? Samrat says Tausa gave it, Dilsher comes, Samrat gifts him and touches his feet, he tells him that I got my 1st success in business.

Scene 6
Paro and Rudra are in market, Rudra saves Paro from bike, and she is smiling. he ask what, she says major Rudra, a great BSD officer is buying pumpkin, he says so what, I used to buy veggies when me and Dilsher were alone, Paro says then why didn’t you say it to Maithili when she said that you don’t know about veggies, Rudra ignores and goes to buy, Paro says don’t give him extra money and see other veggies, Laila is in market too, someone is following her and calls someone, he says yes she is Rudra’s messenger, her name is Laila, yes, I will do work, he follows Laila. Some jeep comes in front of Laila, Laila ask what then understands, she tries to run but man catches her.

PRECAP- Paro and Rudra have gola ganda (water ice) together in market, Rudra is having difficult time to eat so Paro makes him eat with her hands, and Rudra looks at her.

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