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Rangrasiya Episode - 107, May 27th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 107, May 27th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 107, May 27th, 2014
Scene 1
Paro scolds veggies vendor for selling in high price, she says we get whole pumpkin ₹20 in Birpur, I will not give a single penny then ₹20, Rudra just looks at her, vendor says to Rudra what ₹20 means to you, Paro he is not thief so it means to him, he is BSD officer. She sees vendor’s kid pic there and ask Rudra to give him ₹30, Rudra is confused and goes with her. Rudra says you were fighting for 20 minutes for ₹20 and in end gave him ₹30, Paro says real price is ₹25 and he has small girl so 
5 for his child, Rudra says you also saw her kid’s pic there, Paro says you too saw, Rudra says in BSD we are trained to inspect everything, Paro says I am also wife of BSD officer, they look at each other, Rudra says come have gola as you saved ₹10, Paro is confused what flavor to eat, Rudra just looks at her cuteness, she ask what will you have? She herself orders for him.

Scene 2
Dilsher says to Mohini that you didn’t give money to Samrat so I gave him, he may not have sharp mind for business but he has fire to prove himself in front of us and he proved so leave this anger and hug him, he blesses Samrat. He leaves. Mohini ask Danveer did you know Dilsher give him money, he looks down, she says you would have begged him, he knew that Samrat wants money, you knew that Dilsher gave him money and nobody told me, she turns to Maithili and says you knew that your husband is begging to Dilsher, Maithili says let bygones be bygones as result is good, Mohini says this means you also knew about it, Mohini says even ant of this house knew it and I don’t know it.

Scene 3
Paro and Rudra have gola ganda (water ice) together in market, she ask how it is, is it have sugar, Rudra says no. Paro looks at Rudra eating and say you... she wipes his face and says ouch, he ask what. Paro says your beard is pins me, Paro says you eat like kid, all over your face, Rudra says look at your face 1st, Rudra wipes his lips, Paro makes him eat with her hands, Rudra looks at her. Paro says shall I ask you question, he nods, Paro says why did you take leave? Rudra says I told you to take you to doctor, Paro says we came home before 4 pm so why didn’t you go, Rudra says you don’t want me to come home, Paro says, no, but why. Rudra says I am telling... He gets Aman’s call and says I am coming, he says Laila, Paro looks at him shocked.

Scene 4
Mohini comes in kitchen and taunts Maithili, she says why you need spice, you have your tongue for it, and Dilsher ask Maithili to serve lunch. Mohini ask Maithili to bring sweet dish as that result is good so it doesn’t matter, Mohini says Dilsher whom I hate, because of him my young son is out of house, he thought to buy my other son with money and It won’t matter, Maithili says but what Sumer did was wrong, Mohini says for 1st time your husband earned some money so you got wings, you are answering me, she is about to slap her when Dilsher shouts Mohini.

Scene 4
Rudra and Paro are in headquarter with Aman, Aman says don’t know how she escape, I told her to not come out of room, Rudra says did you listen any noise from her room? Aman says no, sorry, Rudra says don’t be. It’s clear that she ran away, Aman ask why? He says she wanted to come in my home, Tejawat has nothing to do with her, she just want to come close to me... He looks at Paro listening, Aman says I will come. He leaves. Rudra ask Paro why she is tensed, Paro says I am feared that you don’t trust anyone, maybe Tejawat’s men took her, Rudra says do you remember that puppet show, the story was changed so that you have tears, Laila gave them money to change it so that you will cry and will back out. Paro is stunned.

Scene 5
Dilsher says to Mohini what happened to you, Mohini says who are you to in-between, I am talking to my daughter-in-law, Dilsher says you are talking to your older brother in law, Mohini says that brother In law who tried to buy my son, who can’t control his son but try to advise my son, Dilsher says you think I am making your son against you, Mohini says look truth came out, Dilsher says what, Mohini says you told that day that your grandchild will play here and I will just look on that’s why you are making my sons go away from me, if you want to show right then show it on your son, Samrat comes there, Mohini says your son forcefully came here, he forcefully a girl here, took 8 pheras instead of 7, what you could do nothing, you gave them blessing silently, your son got slipped from your hands and not only son but your wife.. Danveer comes and says enough, ask forgiveness from him, Mohini doesn’t, Dilsher says no need, Danveer says if you stop me today then I will not talk to you, he ask Mohini to say sorry, she says it halfheartedly, Dilsher says she is right, I didn’t show right on anyone, I lost my wife, my son slipped from my hands but trying to rectify my mistake, how can I snatch your son, we live in one house like family, I tried to do duty of elder in house, I have taken step towards you now it’s your turn Mohini, he is about to leave, Mohini stops him and says lunch is ready, Dilsher smiles and sits down to have it.

Scene 7
Aman comes to Rudra and says that Laila put pillow on bed and put bed sheet on it and ran from there, Rudra looks at Paro says see trust, Paro leaves from there, Rudra says Laila doesn’t have any fear of life, she has no threats she is just making us fool, leave her, Aman says but we got to know that tejawat’s men are here, Rudra says she is very clever, I shouldn't have trusted on her.

Paro outside recalls Laila’s ill doing and says forgive me major, Rudra says to Aman that I will leave Paro at home, he comes out sees Paro missing, he ask soldier, he tells Rudra that Paro left for home, Rudra is stunned and says don’t come in front of me Laila.

Scene 8
Laila is tied somewhere In isolated place, someone comes from dark and says you are still pale Laila, he opens light, its none other than Tejawat, he sits in front of her and smirks while Laila is shocked.

PRECAP- Paro in tears says to Rudra that you were right about Laila and me couldn’t understand it, she cries, Rudra gives her his shoulder, Paro cries in his arms, Rudra comforts her saying you gave her chance but she didn’t deserve it, Paro says could she create misunderstanding in our relation, Rudra says no, we will not let her come in-between us.

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