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Rangrasiya Episode - 115, June 6th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 115, June 6th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 115, June 6th, 2014
Scene 1
Paro hugs mala and ask what happened to you are you fine, mala keeps looking at Rudra, par says he is Rudra, mala recalls her motherly moments with Rudra, she says Rudra, Rudra is stoned to see her, mala says my Rudra, she says have grown up, she moves towards him Rudra recalls Dilsher’s bitter words that she will not come back, mala says you were small my Rudra, she is about to put hand on him but he moves back and leaves from there Paro tries to stop but he doesn’t. Paro runs behind him, Laila comes to mala and says stop Rudra, you saw him after years, mala says he waited for me for 15 years, now I have to wait till he himself comes to me.

Scene 2
Tejawat says to his goon that the news is right that my Thakurain went to BSD, he says yes. Tejawat says she ran away but she knows this, she would have told about this place to BSD, we have to go from here, goon ask where, he says don’t know but have to leave.

Rudra is going but Paro stops him and ask why is he not looking at her, he says I feel suffocated, I have to go, Paro says will problems leaving like this, major Rudra is running, this is not right, Rudra says I don’t know anything, I am leaving will you come. Paro says look at me, she says tell me you don’t want to meet her, she is your mother, he says she is not, she was just part of me but where was she when I was pain and now you want.. Paro says I want you to ask her this question, fight with her, ask her why she leave you but don’t go like this, Rudra says you want to live with your husband or with her, Paro says don’t do this, you have face her, you have to question her, Rudra starts the car and goes. Paro is tensed and says give strength t Rudra god, Aman comes and ask where is Rudra, Tejawat’s wife is here, he should be here, par says he will comes give him some time, d you have bandage and cream....

Scene 3
par comes to mala and puts cream n her wounds, par says he told me that you are his mother, she says he is my husband, mala gets happy and says true, I always you to be my DIL, Paro says my Thakurain is my MIL. mala says I tried to take Rudra when I was running but I couldn’t, I was wrong, he hates me, Paro says you gave him birth and he can hate you, mala says how much he would have pained, Paro all people d mistakes but you have strength to make it right, Rudra will come to you, he has wounds and when it will heal he will come to you, there is no wound that can’t be healed, I am sure Rudra will come. Mala looks up, Paro turns and finds Laila standing there.

Scene 4
Rudra is drinking wine, he recalls Mohini’s words about his mother that don’t cry for her she don’t even consider god, and she never loved you and your father. He recalls how mala used to play with him, then how he had seen Mala’s pic with Thakur, Rudra is devastated and stands on building’s roof end.

Mala tells Paro that Laila took me out of hell, she gave me new life, Paro ask how Laila, mala says she saved risking her life, Laila says she needs rest, she was tied like animals, we should take her t hospital, Paro says no I will call Aman, Aman comes and says we have medical ward in BSD, he says to Laila that she have to tell them everything, Laila says I will cooperate for everything, Aman takes mala to medical room, Paro thanks Laila for bringing masa here, Laila says no need, I am worried for Rudra, Is he fine, should I go to him. Paro says you did great bringing her here but now you don’t have to worry about future, Laila says I didn’t mean it, Paro says how much will you lie, if you were that great then why you changed the puppet story, why you wanted to come in-between me and Rudra, now I want you to be here away from Rudra, he is in pain and he needs me, his wife, he needs his own not an outsider, also when you came last time in house, Rudra was irritated, I didn’t know anything that time but now I request you to not give us pain, she leaves, Laila fumes.

Scene 5
Rudra comes home in drunken state, he says I thought I have to call BSD for you but you came, look I was cleaning and what I fund, these are saris of your mother, I thought to burn them but then everything is finished s I should give it to Paro, he ask did you drink, I will tell Paro. Dilsher says see this jewelry, these are also of your mother, I will it to Paro, Rudra says she came back, Dilsher ask who, he says see these gold necklace, Rudra throws them and says your wife, she is back, Dilsher is stunned, and falls in bed, Danveer comes and ask what happened, I everything fine, Paro comes there, Dilsher says she is back, Danveer ask who, Paro says mother of Rudra, Danveer is shocked, Paro says she is in hospital, she is injured, Rudra says she is not my mother and leaves from there, Dilsher ask him to stop but he leaves, Dilsher ask Paro to go behind him, he is very angry can do anything, Paro goes behind him, Dilsher says she came back.

Scene 6
mala is ward, Rudra comes n gate and is drinking wine, she says Rudra, she gets up and says I knew it you will come, Rudra comes in, he is drunk, mala is stunned, Rudra says you know why I came, she says I know you my son, he says shshsh…, I will speak and you will listen, he falls, he says I must thank you for many things, I will count it, he says 1st this wound on my head, it happened because you, when I was in school, a kid pushed and said that my mother ran away

PRECAP- Rudra says after what you did, I am still alive and now we are living too without you s do one favor leave us alone, go from our life. Paro is also there.


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