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Rangrasiya Episode - 120, June 13th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 120, June 13th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 120, June 13th, 2014
Scene 1
Mala says to Mohini that you are taking me wrong, Mohini says stop her and says 15 years back a wife ran away with her lover, 15 years back a father ran away with his son, this haveli would have destroyed, our business would have destroyed but I took responsibility, I balanced my home and business but whose name is written with golden color, Mala. father and son came after 15 years and thought that I would welcome them with smile but still accepted them and now you came and all that embarrassment you are back like this house is not mine but yours, I will not bear it now, okay I am bitch, I am clever, what else you call me Dilsher but I am a human too, I have some dreams too, I may have strong skin but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel pain, she wipes her tears and says it pains that Mala came back by crushing my respect, I used to think in childhood why Mala get everything in life but now I know that I am not clever then you, I say what is truth and people think me wrong, you says lie and gets saved, you ran away with other man but now you come back and all are giving you respect and me, I served my husband whole life and nobody respects me, Danveer says no, Mohini says enough of this, I can’t bear it, I will leave this house, I can’t stay with Mala, I feel suffocated with her, Danveer stops her, Mohini says I want you to come with me but I know you will not, we have relations of husband wife, brother sister, parents but if you have to choose one between them then you will choose your brother so I have decided that I am choosing relation of mother so I will leave haveli with Sumer, she leaves, Danveer ask Dilsher can I go to her, Dilsher agrees, Danveer goes behind her, Mala sits and cries, Dilsher looks at her, Paro comes and ask her what happened, Maithili ask Dilsher what happened, Dilsher says I didn’t know that my one decision will bring storm in this house, he leaves, Paro takes Mala inside.

Scene 2
Mohini is packing her stuff, Sumer says I came back let me stay here for some time, Mohini says if you want luxury of this house then you can stay here, Sumer ask are you fine, Danveer comes and says Mohini that you can’t go like this, Mohini says you have lost the right to stop me, if Mala can come and leave this haveli on her own will then why can’t I, and also I can’t live in this haveli where I am never respected, she packs her bag.

Scene 3
Paro gives medicine to Mala and make her sleep, she calls Rudra. Rudra is in BSD, he cuts her call. At night, Aman comes to Rudra and says you are still here, Rudra says do you have any problem. Aman says to Rudra that Laila… Rudra ask what Laila, Laila comes there, Aman says, Rudra says so she would have told everything about my relation with Thakurain, Aman says I thought you will ask things about Tejawat, he leaves, Rudra is angry and says to Laila I am not blind, I can see what are you doing, you are taking support of Mala to enter in my life, don’t you think about it, he leaves.

Scene 4
Rudra comes back home, Paro is waiting for him, Rudra ask why are sitting here, what happened everything fine? Paro says if you care then why you didn’t pick my phone, I don’t know what happened, Dilsher and Danveer is not telling anything and Mala is continuously crying.,,

Rudra says I told that this women’s shadow will bring destruction but you brought destruction and now bear it, Paro says I will bear it but I need your support. Paro and Rudra come to Mala’s room, she is sleeping, and Rudra angrily goes from there.

Rudra places sheet in hall to sleep, Paro comes and places her sheet too to sleep with him, Rudra sits sadly there and is in tension. Paro feels his pain and sits beside him, she says tell Rudra what can I do to make whole family together to see everyone happy, Rudra says you are asking about happiness from me, Paro says you don’t get angry, she rest her head on his leg, Rudra looks at her, she says I used to think that love is everything, love is medicine of every pain, love is light in darkness, love has power, is our love not enough to make things right, is our love not enough to bring happiness, Rudra says it is enough,,

Rudra is confused, Paro holds Rudra’s hand, and he looks at her. Main tainu samjhawa ki song playas… Rudra holds back Paro’s hand and both feels peace, he then takes off his hand and says I need to sleep before any other drama starts in this house, they see their sheet placed on floor and looks at each other, they both lie beside each other, Rudra has his back to Paro but he holds her hand, Paro smiles.

Scene 5
Mala is not able to sleep, she recalls how Rudra said bitter words to her, how he said that thanks for giving me wounds, Mala says what I am doing here, what. she looks at Paro and Rudra sleeping together holding hands, she smiles, she recalls how Rudra said that you can go from here whenever you want, she says after many pain my son has started living then I am coming in-between his happiness.

PRECAP-in morning, Paro comes to Rudra with tea, Rudra is super angry and throws tea, he shows her a letter and says look at her (Mala’s) truth, and she ran away again, Paro is boggled.

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