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Rangrasiya Episode - 123 June 18th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 123 June 18th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 123 June 18th, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra says I am not interested in knowing how good of a mom you were. Whether you wanted to take me with you or not. Paro says major sahib you can’t talk to Masa like this. Mala is in tears. He says I apologize for being rude but let me make it clear, I did this all for Paro. She was so worried about you. She couldn’t sleep at nights when you weren't there. Actually she is not used to of your running habits. I have told her about my childhood. Don’t ever think I care or I want to come closer to you. Mala says you don’t want to listen to my story for once. Okay I won’t have any hopes from you. Whatever happened was my mistake. I have hurt you a lot but you said what you wanted to. Now it’s my turn and I will wait for it if I have to.

The three reach the house. Mala can’t open the door. Rudra comes out of his seat and open it. He goes back and opens Paro’s door. She smiles.

Paro enters the house with Mala. Chacha Ji and Bapu sa are shocked to see her. Chacha says Bhabhi sa. Rudra angrily goes in to his room. Mala says Bhai sa I left because I didn’t want Jija to leave the house. He says forgive me please. She says no please. Chachi sa comes there, she is talking to someone on phone. She is shocked to see Mala back. She comes in anger. Chachi says Mohini Bhabhi sa left because she didn’t want you to leave. I think we all can live together happily. Chachi says happily? You can’t good songs in the war. Who too her back here? Does her son know she is here? Paro says yes chichi sa, major sahib looked for her. Chachi says you brother in law says you left because you don’t wanted me leave. So that means you are back because you want me to leave. I am such an innocent cow. I thought there is a place and need in this house for me. How could I tell myself that I am part of this family? Time, family respect for the queens like you. What is my worth I am just a guard. Mala sits in her feet and says forgive me please. I am so embarrassed I didn’t know that my old decision would hurt you thin much. I can’t change it but give me one chance. Everything will be all right. Not for me then for masa. You remember masa used to say the girl is so lucky who has her family in her in-laws. Mohini says I remember everything but since you came in the house, everything that you held dear is gone. You could never respect the honor. Mala says I made the mistake that’s what I am paying for. I beg you don’t leave the house. Chachi says just because of masa and Bapu sa I am not leaving this house. That doesn’t I forgave you. We will be two families under one roof. She says I have no connection with you, your son, your husband and your daughter in law. You better look after your family and I will look after mine. She leaves Samrat follows her. Mala goes in, Paro comes in and says Bapu sa and kaki sa did you see masa is back and kaki sa is not leaving. This family is reuniting again. I will reunite this family and we will live happily together. I promise. They both smiles.

Scene 2
Rudra says to Aman on call information was right. Paro comes to him with a tray in which there are two cups. He says I don’t drink two cups tea. She says that she knows it. He says whom is this for then? She says you said today that you did this all for me? She says don’t you believe? She takes cup from his hand and says I wanted to say thanks. He says don’t need it. Paro puts hand on his lips. He says what are you doing? Paro whispers in his ear thank you major sahib. She kisses him on his cheek. Her eyes are close. He is shocked and is looking at her. Paro runs away. Paro comes back to take the tray, he is not leaving it in the shock. Paro takes it forcefully and leaves.

Scene 3
Paro comes to Mala’s room with the tea. Mala says listen. Paro says I won’t. First tell me why you are smiling all alone. Mala says in childhood Rudra used to say he doesn’t want to stand near window. Paro says I know then he used to go and sleep at the roof top. Mala says you know so much about him. Paro says yes I am his wife and you are my mom in law. Mala says I don’t want to live in this house it belongs to you and Rudra. She says no Masa you can live here. I won’t listen anything. You have to swear on me. Mala says are you my daughter in law or mom in law? Paro says you can’t do anything I hooked your son and got married. They both laugh. Paro says keep smiling like this everything will be okay.

Scene 4
Rudra is in corridor. Paro comes from the other side. Paro comes in his way he is trying to go. Paro ask are you going to BSD ? He says where will go other than that? She says your medicine. Rudra holds her and says which medicine? It has ended. He is about to leave. Paro says the medicine for your anger. He says do you think I will like this joke when my own life has become a joke. I have to live with the woman I hate. Paro says when you brought me here I was a culprit for you and you were a killer in my eyes but things changed with time. He says I had no proofs against you and brought you here it was my mistake by I am witness of her sins. This all is vain. Paro says you are getting late. He leaves.

Maithili comes to Paro and says won’t you help me in washing the clothes Paro? Paro goes with her. Maithili asks why you upset has there been a fight between you two? Rudra over hears them. Paro says yes but that’s important too. Fight increases love. Maithili says when it’s on and off you both fight like kids. When I first saw you with him I thought, it’s the perfect couple and look at you now. You both love but can’t show. Want to live together and will fight as well. Maithili says your mom in law is here and you don’t wear a wedding locket. Paro says how I can wear it when he has not given me one. This red thread is connected to so many things but still wedding locket has its worth, I thought he would give me.

Precap-Chacha and Bapu sa eat the sweet and say it’s so tasty who made it? Chachi says the smell can tell me who made it. It’s Mala.

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