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Rangrasiya Episode - 126, June 23rd, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 125, June 23rd, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 125, June 23rd, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra lies down to sleep, he makes angry faces, Paro lies beside him and says major are you angry, Rudra says can you make up for it, Paro says yes, he ask can you do anything to make my mood, Paro says anything, Rudra turns to her and takes her in his arms, he sleeps, Paro looks at him and says your anger went away just in this, Rudra looks at her smiling, he throws away blanket, he pulls her so close to him and whispers that don’t mess with me you will regret it, Paro blushes.

It’s morning, Paro wakes up and sees Rudra missing from hall, she smiles looking at his place, she takes off blanket and finds letter there, it’s from Rudra, it reads that yesterday you creates some gap between you and me but I promise I will remove everything that is between us, nothing can stop me, I am not in your control now. Paro is taking blankets when Rudra phone falls on ground, Sunehri comes and takes it, she says you both were sleeping here, Paro nods, Sunehri says look Rudra says your pic as wallpaper in his mobile, Paro ask what wallpaper.. Sunehri says whenever Rudra is on his phone, he sees your pic 1st, when he clicked it, Paro says don’t know, Sunehri laughs and leaves, Paro says this is a good a thing to remember your loved ones by pictures with you.

Scene 2
Paro comes to Dilsher and says I want Rudra’s childhood pictures, where there is no mustache and straight neck of his, Dilsher says he also used to laugh and play in childhood, I will bring his childhood pics, Paro says okay I will comes, she comes to Mala and ask her to come, Maithili ask where are you going, Paro says you go I will come, she says to Maithili that I asked Dilsher to take out Rudra’ childhood when old golden memories will come out then all will recalls good memories and will forget tension, Maithili nods, Paro goes. Paro and Mala comes to Dilsher, Dilsher looks at Mala tensely, Mala is about to go but Paro takes her inside, Dilsher and Mala sit but doesn’t look at each other, Paro feels awkwardness, she sees Rudra’s childhood pics and says wow beautiful pics, Mala says we called photographer to get a family photo but Rudra can’t stay at one place, he was fighting with his dhoti, Paro sees Mala’s pic and says what, why there is wound on your ear, Mala looks at Dilsher, Mala says that day was Diwali, Dilsher says yes, it was our last Diwali as family, there were happiness all around but how can I forget that night, never. Mala shows other pic angry pic Rudra to Paro, Paro says he is looking like real major here, Dilsher says yeah that day I didn’t gave him 2 spoon sugar, Paro says what? Mala says Rudra used to eat 2 spoon sugar daily but this is not that day, it is the day when Dilsher scolded him standing at window side, he cried whole night, Dilsher says yes and you sang from him whole night, Paro says how you made him stop crying Bapu, Mala says he started crying too, Dilsher says you too were crying and Danveer too, we were looking like animals from zoo, they have a laugh, Mohini sees them laughing and says Paro doesn’t even know status of her relation and is trying revamping relation of oldies( Dilsher-Mala).

Scene 3
Rudra comes home and listens to the laugh of Mala and Dilsher, Mohini comes there and says it’s laughter fountain, you also go there to dip in it, Rudra says you don’t cry much, if one tear falls in pickle then it will become poison, and you are expert in destroying relations and weather, he goes from there.

Inside the haveli, Dilsher and Mala are remembering good old days, they are laughing like a happy family, Paro hugs Mala, Rudra comes there and sees them like this, he goes from there, Paro goes behind him, he says what’s happening here, leave it, I don’t want to know, Paro says but I want to know, you wrote in letter that you will remove lines, what were you saying, Rudra says see these are tickets of honeymoon, Paro says what’s this place, Rudra says it’s not place, after marriage hubby wife go with each other to some place, to know each other better, to get close to each other, he says let go from here, just for a few days, I want to spend time with you alone, I want to go away from these noises, this drama, I want go to a place where you will be with me and on one else, Paro says I also want to go but not now, we will go after some days, Rudra says you don’t want to come now because here is your Masa and you will not leave her, I don’t want to listen anything, I want to starts afresh and now you are leaving me alone for that women, Paro says just by saying you can’t forget your past, you have to fill wounds then it will stop giving you pain only then your present will smile, and when your present will smile, our future will smile too, let me do what I am doing, and we are together for forever, we will go, Rudra stops her and says lets come with me.

Dilsher says to Mala that whatever happened between us, I am... Rudra comes there with Paro, he says sorry to disturb your sweet moments, I just want to make my wife remember that her husband is on earth too,, she is only seeing you, nothing else, tell me how much holidays you have, when will you go from here leaving us shattered, I have to prepare for the storm again, Paro says Rudra.. Rudra says no I am not angry, tell me Mala, when you will go, I not only have handle hurt but also I have to think about my Bapu, what you are up to this time, Dilsher ask him to stop, Rudra says she should also think that we are human not toys that she will come and go on her own, she went 15 years back and now has come again, she did magic on my wife too, I brought her here on my wife’s insistence and now she is looking at pictures like nothing happened, Rudra shouts on Mala that what you want from us, when you were not happy as Ranawat you became Tejawat and then when you fed up of being Tejawat you came back to become Ranawat again, you know what these types of women are called, Dilsher slaps Rudra, Rudra in shock looks at him.

PRECAP- Mala cries and says to Paro that he still hates, I am not that bad mom, flashback shows how Dilsher used to scold her that the time she came in his life, his life is not going good, flashback ends, Mala cries, Paro consoles her, Rudra sees it.

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