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Rangrasiya Episode - 127, June 24th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 127, June 24th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 127, June 24th, 2014
Scene 1
Dilsher says to Rudra enough, Rudra says you slapped me for this women, she is enemy not me, Dilsher says you will not say anything about your mom in-front your father, Rudra says what mom? she became mom now, you forgot what you used to say that beautiful women can’t be of anyone, you gave me this poison how can you forget, Dilsher says I didn’t forget it but is remembering old memories, you don’t know whole truth, Rudra says I know it that she ran away with some other guy shattering and this will happen now too, Rudra goes out. Paro goes behind Rudra, all comes in hall, Dilsher says to Paro to let him be, he will fine alone. Mala says o Dilsher that you wouldn't have slapped him, he is not a kid anymore, Dilsher says I would be good if he was kid so he couldn’t talk like this, Mohini comes and says what he said, he learnt from you, Mohini says there are many mirrors here but I can show real thing to Dilsher, what busted in Rudra today was filled by Dilsher only and what was wrong in that, his mother ran away, Dilsher says enough nobody will taunt her now, Mohini says we are saying what you used to say, Dilsher says I was wrong. Dilsher says I made her bitter in-front of you.

That’s why ,,, and made Rudra drink it too but then Paro came and made me learn what Is love, she made my stone heart alive, her love and her dedication made me human so now I understand whatever happened 15 years back, she only is not responsible but I am responsible too, he comes to Mala and says I spit poison all these years, now let me speak, Mala says no, the day I came here I got so much to listen, I don’t want dirt to come on you, Dilsher says no, what you suffered, all should know it, Mala says no, you have swear on Rudra to not tell, Mohini says oho there is lovey weather, only flowers are about to born but please have control your DIL is standing, don’t come in each other’s arms in-front of here, Danveer shouts at Mohini, Mohini says we should leave them alone, she goes, Mala goes from there.

Scene 2
Rudra is punching the punching and remembers Dilsher’s words that she will not come and how Dilsher slapped him, Paro comes there, Rudra says you must have come here to tell me that I was wrong, I am not in mood to listen go from here, Paro says this Rudra is not the one I loved, my Rudra was stubborn, stone, devil but he knew what’s right and wrong, he used to hate women but can’t cross the limit of respect for a women, he used to hate the word love event then he stood up for me, he got slaps for me then how can this Rudra disrespect his mom like this, Rudra says she is not my mom, Paro says I didn’t complete yet. we married some months back, I thought I will live with him, but he was shot in-front of me and I became widow even for that fake marriage, I used to think about him as husband, Rudra ask her to stop, she says then I got to know that he was a fraud and not loyal to country, then I fell for the person who killed my 1st husband, I used to imagine to marry him and spend life with him so do you have words for that kind of women too.

Rudra punches the bag again, Paro stops and looks at him sadly, she goes from there.

Scene 3
Danveer comes to Maithili and says you are taking tea for Dilsher, I will take it, Mohini comes and says I thought after love birds came in-front of all, I thought Mala will be taking tea for Dilsher, oh maybe they are sitting on swing and making each other wear garland.

Paro comes to Mala who is crying and says I am sorry on Rudra’s behalf, he shouldn't talk to you like this, and Mala says it’s not his fault, he couldn’t grow up from his childhood wounds. She says it’s not easy to live a life in which your partner has only hatred in him who takes out his anger for nay crises on his wife. But then a ray of hope came in form of Rudra, I used to make myself believe that with kid our problems will solve and love will take over hatred, flashbacks shoes Dilsher drinking and Rudra as a child crying, Mala says he has fever, Dilsher scolds Mala and says you shouldn't be a mother, you can’t stop him from crying, Mala says why you say like this, it hurts, he comes to her and says I will show you hurt, he holds her tightly. flash-back ends, Mala says we had fights daily, he used to beat me daily, I then started writing my inner feelings on paper,, then Param Singh Tejawat came,,

One day, flash-back shows Rudra was about to drink wine but Mala stops him and ask him to go in room, she got a call and get to know that Dilsher had accident and he lost his leg, I fulfilled my duties, I ran his business successfully, everything was fine but he was a man how can he see a women’s success, flash-back shows how Mala was handling business and Dilsher taunted her that you are doing business with deals or with your beauty, she says what are saying, he throws her away and she gets cut on her face, flash-back ends, Mala says I couldn’t bear it more then I wrote a letter. Rudra is standing behind pillar and listens to all this.

PRECAP- Rudra says to Dilsher that you have been lying to me for all these years. It would be better if you had strangled me to death when I was a child or it would have been far much better if I was born an orphan. My death would have brought the ultimate peace in both of your lives. Mala tries to say something.

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