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Rangrasiya Episode - 131, June 30th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 131, June 30th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 131, June 30th, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra says anything you know about him. Maithili says no, he was covering his face and was wearing black sunglasses, and I couldn’t see him properly. Mala listens to it, Rudra says I will just come, he leaves, Maithili cries.

In BSD, Aman tells Rudra that we got to know that Tejawat is not in this area, we are asking the criminals and all about him but he is not here. Rudra says you are trying to say that what happened to Paro was a random act.

Mohini is calling someone and says no it was not my DIL but Paro, yes my Jethani has comeback, first Paro and then anyone from this house can be attacked. Mohini and Mala are in kitchen. Mohini as usual taunts that don’t know how many weathers will change in this house. Mala says my Rudra will catch him and will punish him whoever it is even if Tejawat. Mohini says my Rudra, did thread tied again? Mala says yes jija, he is my Rudra and I am his mother and no one can change that, he is my son. Mohini fumes.

Rudra checks some criminals and says they are not the one to do this work, who can do this, Aman says we are trying to figure out.

Mala comes to Paro with a glass of milk, and says it may be me on his target and you got attacked. I am sorry. Paro says no masa, Tejawat is behind me from many days. Rudra comes there so Paro changes her tone and says I don’t want to talk to you just leave. Mala sees Rudra in room and understands. Mala says to Rudra that maybe I was Tejawat’s target, Rudra says Tejawat is not involved in this. Someone else did this. Mala is about to leave but Paro says Mala come and sleep in this room, Mala says no you and Rudra sleep here I will sleep outside. Rudra calls Sunehri and says she will sleep in your room with you, Sunehri says Paro? Rudra says no Maa. I mean this lady (Mala), Sunehri says okay, Paro smiles.

Scene 2
At night, Paro is getting up from bed, Rudra says don’t get up, tell me what you want, I will bring it. Paro says you can’t bring it so I have to go. She ask him to come near and tells him what she wants, Rudra takes her in his arms and takes her to the washroom. Paro goes in while Rudra waits outside. Paro comes back and ask Rudra to lift her up. Rudra says you act like a 6 years old child. Paro says I am one year older than you. Rudra takes her to bed, he ask what else you want. Paro says water, he gives her water and ask anything else. She says yes place pillow under my foot, he does, Paro says I need one more pillow, the big one, it is in cupboard, Rudra gives her pillow from cupboard, and Paro says you didn’t give me my doll, Rudra looks at her and gives her doll. Paro smiles, Rudra ask do you need anything madam? Paro says I think my doll, she turns and Rudra is on bed and very close to her. Paro stops saying anything. Rudra says what you were saying, he puts hand on her hand, Paro says ouch, he ask what happened, she says I have wound there. Rudra says sorry. Paro ask what you did. Rudra says you asked me to come with you to market and I didn’t come, it was my fault, if something had happened to you then. Paro says why? He says because it’s about you Paro. Paro says if it was not me but masa, Rudra says sleep, they both lie down. Rudra says I am waiting if you have any other order for me after pillow, doll, rain, snow, Paro smiles.

Mohini closes the gate of haveli, she says don’t know with which glue Paro and Rudra are stick, 1st poison drama then Laila and now Tejawat, nothing was able to separate them, she has flowers in her fate. Why my fate has stones only. Someone (mystery man) blows off the Diya in haveli.

Scene 3
Its morning, Rudra wakes up and sees Paro sleeping, he is about to get up but finds doll missing from bedside table, he comes out. Maithili is taking milk from milkmen and is about to fall but Rudra comes and ask her to be careful, Maithili shows him doll lying on ground. Rudra says Paro’s doll, Maithili says are you sure it’s Paro’s. He says yes, he sees on hand of doll being cut and chit lying beneath the doll... he says how this happened with her, he is about to take the chit when call comes, man says Rudra Pratap if you didn’t read the chit then I have to say something, don’t think that I lost my target, if I wanted I could have thrown acid of your wife’s beautiful face, read the chit once and be careful, Maithili sees diya in mandir and its flame is blown off and says Paro blown it yesterday, how can it blow off, this is very bad omen, Mala comes and says this is Paro’s first Tej in this house, Maithili gives Prasad to Rudra after taking ti from Mala, Rudra ties doll in dupatta, he says nobody will tell Paro about the doll, this doll matters to her a lot and to me also, she shouldn't know about it at all, Maithili ask what about diya, Rudra goes and lights Diya in mandir, Paro calls out Rudra’s name and comes there, Rudra hide doll, Paro ask you all here, what happened, is all fine. All are tensed as to what to answer her.

PRECAP- Paro is sitting on swing, its dark in hall and diyas are all around the house. Paro is waiting for Rudra. The mysterious man comes from behind and whispers in Paro’ ears that happy first teej Paro. May God give long life to your husband? Paro turns to sees his face, when Rudra opens the gate and comes there. He says Paro. Paro turns and looks at him, the mysterious man (look like in uniform) looks at them.

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