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Rangrasiya Episode - 146, July 21st, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 146, July 21st, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 146, July 21st, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra comes to Shantanu and says thank you for helping Paro and for freeing Samrat, thank you for saving Paro’s life, Paro says he is not scolding you but saying thanks to you, Shantanu says I can’t believe it, Rudra says you did the job, he leaves with Paro, Shantanu smirks, Paro is about to fall but Rudra holds her and says be careful, what if you got hurt, Paro says I wouldn’t have fallen down because you are with me and I know you will save me, Shantanu sees them and thinks that you are getting so much love Paro for Rudra, will see if your trust wins or not, Sunehri comes to Shantanu and ask what is he saying, Shantanu says I feel jealous, she ask why? He says you tell me? She says you have no one to love that’s why. Shantanu says maybe I will get someone, Sunehri blushes, gives him milk, Shantanu says someone has took my sleep away, Sunehri goes from there shy, Shantanu thinks that this Sunehri is coming in my trap, I have lost my brother now you get ready Rudra to lose your sister.

In morning, Paro ask Samrat to give Shatabdi one chance, it’s not her fault, Samrat says but she was going to marrying me, why Bapu sa is not sending her back, Paro says Maithili remember how you and Samrat Bhaisa helped me when I came in this house, Shatabdi needs help too. Shatabdi comes to dining table, she says I made halva today, she says mala helped me a lot. Shatabdi serves Sumer, Sumer says I will not eat, I still remember that milk, Danveer scolds him to not talk like this with your wife, Shatabdi serves Mohini but she denies eating too, mala says to Mohini that let bygones be bygones and accept Shatabdi as your DIL as marriage is done, Mohini says oh now you will give me lectures on marriage, snake is saying that avoid poison, Paro says you can’t talk to her like this, Mohini says who are you to talk to me like this, Paro says I am wife of elder son of this this house and DIL of mala, mala and Danveer smiles. Paro eats it, Paro says it’s very nice, Shatabdi says I made it so it is nice, she gives to Maithili, Paro ask her to take it, she takes, Shatabdi ask Mohini to taste one spoon, Sumer says don’t force my mother. Dilsher ask them to be quiet. Shantanu gives chit to Sunehri and calls her upstairs, Sunehri goes upstairs, Shantanu holds his gun, Sunehri comes to him and ask him why he called her, he takes out bouquet and says down all are worried how to accept to Shatabdi but here I am worried how to tell you, but I will die if I not say it now, I will happily die if Rudra kills me but.. he goes down on his knees and says I love you Sunehri, will you marry, Sunehri is skeptical, Shantanu says my knees are hurting please answer me, Sunehri nods in yes, they hug each other, Shantanu thinks that now she is in my trap, Shantanu says you know Sunehri that your family members will never accept me as I am an orphan, I don’t have any family member so they will never accept our relation but we can do one thing, we can marry without telling me then inform them, Sunehri is shocked. Sunehri says we can talk to them at least, Shantanu says they will never agree to our marriage, Sunehri says I can’t go against my family, you at least try, I am their daughter, Shantanu is angry but says that ok as you wish, I will try, he says you trust me Sunehri? Sunehri says I must leave, she leaves, Shantanu is angry and thinks that I was so close to my destination but this girl screwed it all, he thinks that I can’t ask for marriage directly to Danveer, who can talk on behalf, who? He sees Paro and Maithili in Paro’s room and finds bullet in wall, he recalls how he fired when he attacked Paro. Paro says Maithili to talk to Mohini about face revealing ceremony(munh dikhayi) of Shatabdi, Paro ask her why she hates Shatabdi, Maithili says she was going to marry my husband, Paro says what’s her fault in this, Shantanu thinks that if this bullet gets caught then my secret will be revealed, Paro says think about Shatabdi, the one she was going to marry was married already and now she married his brother, Maithili says you are taking Shatabdi’s side, Paro says I learned from you to take her side who has no one, Maithili says okay I will talk to Mohini. They leave the room, Shantanu comes and tries to take out the bullet from wall, and Paro comes there and ask you here?

Scene 3
Shatabdi is throwing clothes out of cupboard, Sumer says it’s my cupboard, what are doing, she says you forgot, this room is mine too, Sumer says I will not leave, Shatabdi takes out belt and ask him what will he do? Sumer says I will see you, he flees from there, Shatabdi laughs.
Paro asks Shantanu what he was doing in her room, Shantanu says I was finding you, tomorrow is face revealing ceremony but I am a male so... Paro says I was not in room, Shantanu says I am particular about things, I saw the frame bend so I came here to fix it, Paro says you are for our safety so you can be in ceremony, he leaves the room, he thinks that I have to take out bullet from that wall, thank god Paro believed me. Paro sees the frame and sets it on wall, suddenly bullet falls from the wall, Paro picks up the bullet and recalls how she was attacked when she was blindfolded and Shantanu was in her room.

Mohini says to Maithili that there will be no face revealing ceremony for Shatabdi, she says that now she not wife of Samrat then you are doing all this, I will not do it, Maithili says when people will ask about Shatabdi in our house, what will we answer them, so we should inform them all that she is summer’s wife, Mohini stops Shatabdi and says tomorrow is your face revealing ceremony, Shatabdi says wow I will get the gift, she ask Maithili to give pickle to her, Mohini says that be careful Maithili is putting so much chilly these days, Shatabdi says masa there should be some spice in life to enjoy it, Maithili smiles.

Scene 4
Paro is sitting on floor in her room, Rudra comes to her and ask her what happened, Paro shows him bullet and says this bullet is when attack was done on me, Paro hugs him and says I am afraid, I always think that everything is fine, our life is beautiful as we are together but what if our enemy becomes successful in separating us, Rudra says don’t worry, I am with you, nothing will happen, Maithili calls Paro for some work, Rudra says I will tell her that you are not feeling well, you stay here, Paro says no I am fine, I will go, I am sitting in room from evening only, she goes. Rudra calls Aman and says that Paro has got the bullet, I am sending it to you, find about it, it’s being fired from the gun of attacker, Shantanu sees bullet in Rudra’s hand and is shocked.

PRECAP- In ceremony some ladies ask Paro about Shantanu, Paro says he is BSD officer, one lady says I have seen him in Birpur. Paro comes to Shantanu and ask him did he go to any village? He says no, she ask did he go to any city other thank Chandangarh, he says no.

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