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Rangrasiya Episode - 171, August 27th, 2014

Rangrasiya Episode - 171, August 27th, 2014
Rangrasiya Episode - 171, August 27th, 2014
Scene 1
Rudra says Dhruv thinks that his mother has sent you but this can’t happen, how can it happen? You only have Paro’s face not her heart, I will never fall for your face, Mayra says this means I was just.. Rudra says how can you think that I love you, I hate you, I just hate you, Dhruv listens all this and is weeping, Mayra is in tears too, she leaves from there.

Maithili comes to Rudra, he says if I had told her about Paro then this wouldn't have happened, Maithili says I tried to tell her, I tried to make her understand, she is not bad at heart but she can’t be the one for you, Rudra looks at Paro’s pic and says I never looked at her, whenever I looked at her, I saw Paro in her only, Maithili says I understand.

Mayra is crying and says he never looked at me, he never kissed me, he kissed his wife, Maithili comes there, Mayra says I shouldn’t have done that, I should have developed feelings for him, he hates me, I did wrong, Maithili says no, mistake was ours, we should have told you everything, please don’t cry, Mayra hugs Maithili and cries.

Scene 2
at night, Rudra is seeing Paro’s pics in his mobile, he recalls how Mayra came to him in Paro’s dress, he listens to Dhruv weeping in bed, he ask what happened Dhruv, Dhruv gets up in tears and says she is not my mom, my mother hasn't her to us, I lost, you and Maithili won the game, he cries, Rudra hugs, both father and son cries silently, Rudra lies down on bed with Dhruv, Dhruv sleeps while Rudra’s tear falls down from his eyes.

Mayra is leaving the house, she gives money to Sumer and says I can’t live here now, Sumer says where is Rudra? He is your body guard, Mayra says I am leaving this country so I don’t need guard now, Shatabdi ask why? Maithili comes there and gives her lunch, she says I am sorry if I told you anything wrong, or if you felt bad for anything, take care of yourself, Mayra hugs her and says thanks jija, you took care of me a lot, she packs her bags and starts leaving Ranawat house.

Rudra is waking Dhruv up for school, Dhruv blabbers Mayra’s name in sleep, Rudra gets tensed, and he comes down and ask where Mayra is? Sumer says she left the house now to go to America, Rudra is stunned. Mayra is in car, she books her tickets for America, and she recalls how Rudra said that he doesn’t love her. Rudra goes to find Mayra, he follows Mayra’s car on his bike and comes in front of her car, car stops, and Mayra looks at Rudra standing in front of car. She says Rudra? Rudra comes to her and ask her to come with him, she says are you mad, I won’t come to house, that’s final, Rudra says are you coming or not? She says no, Rudra sits on bike and ask her to come with him, Mayra thinks and sits with Rudra on bike, they leave.

Scene 3
Rudra brings Mayra to house, she ask what happened? he takes her to his room and shows her Dhruv’s state, Mayra says oh my god, what happened to Dhruv, Dhruv has high fever, Mayra says I am here Dhruv, look at me, I am with you, here, she ask Rudra what happened to him? Rudra says cancel your ticket, you aren't going anywhere, till Dhruv gets fine, you can’t leave the house, Mayra says are you ordering me? Rudra says whatever, Mayra says what you want to prove? that how much rude can you be, Rudra says it’s all happening because of you, you forcefully came in our life, you gave hopes to Dhruv, Mayra calms down and says call doctor, Rudra says what? Mayra says you think it’s all my fault, so I will go after rectifying it.

Mohini says to Sumer that Mayra left the house without informing Rudra and then Rudra went to her and brought her back, this means there is something between them, Sumer says so what? Mohini says if this Mayra, the rich America return, minister’s daughter become daughter in law (DIL) of this house then... Sumer says why you want to take my rent from me? Shatabdi comes and ask what you guys are discussing, Mohini says why she always come in-between, Sumer says Mohini wants money and I too wants money, Shatabdi says so you are thinking to make Rudra and Mayra close so that she becomes DIL of this house and we become rich.

Scene 4
doctor checks Dhruv and says he has high fever, Rudra says I gave him medicine but it didn't effect, doctor says we will do blood test then, Mayra says one minute, why he is giving pain to Dhruv, is there not any other way, Rudra says it’s important for Dhruv, doctor says to Mayra that sorry, I know you are worried for your son but your husband(Rudra) is right, Rudra says she is not my wife, Mayra talks to Dhruv and says nothing will happen to you, I am with you, just look at me, Dhruv says promise? Mayra promises, doctor does blood test, he says I will inform you about reports, Mayra says to Dhruv that take rest, I will come back, she goes out of room, she sits on stairs and is tensed, Maithili comes to her, Mayra says I am mad, what happened to me that night, it was just attraction, she starts leaving, Maithili says don t be afraid, you can share with me, what’s in your heart, you will feel suffocated if you don’t share with me, Mayra says I know Rudra won’t be mine ever but I am helpless, you know why? I saw true love in Rudra’s eyes but not for me, for his wife.

PRECAP-Mayra say to Rudra that I know it’s Paro’s sari and I don’t want to wear it, don’t want to be like Paro, because I am happy for what I am, now I will come in front of you when Dhruv needs anything as came back to house only for Dhruv.

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